Hi! I’m Gaël, welcome to my blog. I’m a French data scientist, currently working at Quantmetry in Paris, and I am excited to share a part of my universe here on this blog.

I wanted to create my blog because today we interact with many people we’ve never met, making it hard to engage with them. Therefore this blog will help you understand what kind of person I am. And contact me regarding what I share.
It is mainly about data science because it takes a large part of my time when I am not sleeping or eating. I will share what I learn (both theoretically and practically) or what I find noticeable for people in this domain. I will also keep you updated with some of my projects. I do it so for ownership: one can only share what he truly possesses. Only if I truly get what I learn or create will I be able to share it properly. I also want to progress through this blog, that’s why I am open to discuss your point of view on what I produce, be it data science, my writing skills… Anything you’ll find worth noticing.

A glimpse of what I love doing

I love doing sport. Explosivity and adrenaline are ingredients in every sport I have been practicing: Handball, Tennis, and Muay-Thai.
I love reading. I am curious by nature. And books are a good way for me to satisfy my curiosity. I read many authors, ranging from Harlan Coben to Robert Kiyosaki and from Viktor Frankl to Ray Bradbury. Audiobooks are really enjoyable. Especially when I’ve just spent the whole day with my eyes on the computer haha!
I love traveling. USA, Maghreb, Cameroon, Canada, Western Europe, Turkey, Southeast Asia… In every place I have visited, I was always amazed to discover new cultures, what people value in life, why they tolerate certain behavior and can’t accept others…